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    (Background/ Industrial Model Maker)

In 1987 Scott Fisher started his machining career as an apprentice to a mold maker at one of the top Industrial Model shops in the Silicon Valley ( "Camel-Tech"). 

After Camel-Tech,  Scott moved on to became personnel Model Maker for - Ex-Art director of F.r.o.g. design -   After a bit of retraining too the "European Style Model Making" ,  Scott began making Pre-Production Product models consisting mainly of;  Apple, Sun Micro systems  and  Kensington products.

In Feb. of 1989 Scott started his own company "Tangible Designs".

Scott`s transitional work history shown here in the four photos -(from Left to Right); The demand for the highest level  is always expected --  "Pre-Production Models"  often ended up on the front page of  magazines.  In fact, the Apple Split keyboard ended up in the stores !

In 1992 Tangible D. goes CAD/CAM & CNC!

The far right photo is a 1/10 scale R/C drive unit-

 Scott won 1st place in an International 3-axis parts contest- which resulted in a 2nd- seat of CAD/CAM software.   The customer - (3rd photo)  for the two simple plastic pieces,  well they were very happy too!

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